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May 28, 2018

“As brand engagement architects we are designers who save your brand from bland spaces and supercharge the environments that are most important to brands”

Physical space is meaningful. That may sound like one of those things that agencies say to sound smart, but it has real scientific backing.

The evidence is in! Space around us undeniably affects thought and emotion. Scientific American says  “Our sense of emotional connectedness (or lack of it) is tightly entangled with our perception of geography and patterns in space.”

From a brand’s perspective, this is significant because it means that the ability to create a physical space that seamlessly communicates the emotional core of your business is not just a nice-to-have. It’s an essential part of brand communication.

A Brand Engagement Designer is entrusted with the distinctive task of designing a brand activation for engagement that communicates the essential truth of your business, one that consumers not only logically understand but can also intuitively feel.

An exceptional brand engagement designer needs to understand this science and possess three key unique attributes.

The hero you choose will be the right individual for the task if they have the following superpowers:  


An Intimate Understanding Of Your Business

Design is more than just aesthetics. Design is about communicating in a way that can be understood by the people you’re trying to reach. Knowing your business is pre-requisite for communicating fluently.

A Strong Design Philosophy

The magic of a great brand activation is in its power to transport a consumer into a different world. But to do this there needs to be a strong underlying design philosophy—one that can work within specific restraints to create something powerful.

A Fierce Desire To Create Something Special

There’s no template for greatness. Taking a project from good to great requires a fierce desire to build something that is unique. This attention to detail is a defining factor in creating something that does more than just looks good; it communicates.

The difference between good brand engagement designers and exceptional brand engagement designers is in this ‘intuitive feel’ that is communicated to customers the moment they see your activation.  Browse our portfolio to see some of the clients that we’ve helped to communicate.

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