Choosing Face-To-Face Marketing

May 31, 2015

“When exhibiting go the extra mile. Custom stands draw your audience in.”

 As a brand you want to be able to measure your success.

You want to be able to see a marked increase in your sales and profits. In implementing strategies with this goal in mind, it can be easy to forget that you consumers are thinking, feeling beings. In order for them to literally invest in you, – that is, spend their money, that they spent their time earning – you have to first invest in them; Face-to-Face! It is always best to approach F2F by investigating your ability to exhibit at expos and trade shows, pop-up a temporary retail unit, and organize imaginative brand activations.  When exhibiting go the extra mile.  Custom stands draw your audience in. They can say what you’re all about without any words. Beautiful both in form and function.

Pop-ups are exciting because they can be gone at any time; introducing a new item for a limited time only will rouse interest and can act as a platform to test how your customers will receive that product.

With brand activations awareness and exposure are stimulated as well as providing the perfect environment for your brand ambassadors to personally engage with the people who mean the most to your brand – those who support you by buying your product. The modern world, with all its wonders, can be overwhelming.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with information from brands, how good they are, how fast they are, how strong they are. Processing all of this can be exhausting, so give your consumers a break from cold, hard, raw data – extend a warm, friendly, human hand.

At the core of every person is the urge to build relationships. We can often feel alone, that something is missing. As a brand, bring back some humanity to your message, be a friend, not a product. Let your consumers know that you are concerned about their needs, you understand their daily struggles, and, hey, you might just have a little something that can make them feel good again.

The brands that will take the time to implement marketing and trade campaigns that complement their mass media strategies, and have the express purpose of building one-on-one connections with their consumers, are the brands that will see a real depth growth, both in the relationships they share with their audience, and in their bottom line.

Small wins are often hard to measure in the short term but implementing meaningful, creative campaigns over a period of time, will pay off, both financially, and socially. Having a consumer base that not only spends money on your products but also shares your values, believes in your message and trusts you is invaluable.

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