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“Creativity has always had the power to inspire people to do remarkable things”

I’ve built my professional career around one simple philosophy, “When people engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen…”

This concept led me to start a business with this belief embedded at its core; and found application within an industry that has the biggest possibility for face-to-face engagement in South Africa.

Creativity has always had the power to inspire people to do remarkable things and it is often the uniqueness of an environment and the unconventionality of the experience that open individuals up to imagining. The world has changed and there is more need now for people to imagine better ways for us to meet and to engage with each other so as to find commonality and share our humanity.

I feel that through Whaam, my calling is to inspire the retail and brand world into thinking about how they engage with their consumers and opening possibilities of approaching this just a little bit differently.

It is a strong belief of mine that the world needs just a little bit more face-to-face engagement done in unique and unconventional ways and if the world of brands can take this to heart we might just see a few great things happen…

George-Marc Kairuz

George-Marc Kairuz, Director of Whaam Concepts, has been a part of the diverse world of creatives for 11 years and implements the principles of People, Passion and Purpose in both his personal and professional life. George has learnt, in this creative industry, that there is significance in analysing failure in order to grow and it is always necessary to ask the question of ‘Why?’ as tools for innovation.

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