Popup Retail with iFix

Published on February 25, 2016

“Retail is such a dynamic and engaging environment”

Here at WHAAM we get excited when we receive opportunities to think about the world of retail just a little unconventionally and live out our philosophy of… “when people engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen…”

We recently received an exciting brief that allowed us to truly live our philosophy and conceptualise an unconventional and temporary retail application for the South African cell-phone repair specialists, iFix. We conceptualised a modular popup retail kiosk structure that would be installed temporarily within mall walkways where iFix already had an established physical presence.

This would:

  • build brand awareness amongst mall goers within “neutral” spaces
  • drive increased traffic from the kiosks to their established stores.

The project was successful in both objectives. There was a lot of activity among the popup kiosks and positive engagement from interested consumers. There was also a sizable increase in foot traffic from the popup kiosk to the existing bricks and mortar store at the mall, with no driving call to action at the popup kiosk – very impressive!

Retail is such a dynamic and engaging environment and with the right bit of unique creativity and unconventional perspectives, retailers and brands can successfully engage with their consumers, building relationships and taking the brand into a very real and exciting space.

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