Why Unconventional retail

January 6, 2016

“The retail environments that encourage the most customer engagement are those that are themselves engaging.”

A standard desire in any industry is being the best there is. But the attitude of striving for the top can get in the way of re-inventing yourself. When you face little competition, when you dominate the field you’re in, you can become stagnant, and that’s when your customer base can lose interest.

There has always been bricks and mortar retail – physical spaces that shoppers can visit to get what they need; and even when they don’t need something simply visiting a retail outlet can inspire one to spend, even when the space itself leaves inspiration to be desired.

But this can no longer be the case. Because of the lack of competition for traditional retail, that industry has thrived, but times do change. Factors such as the growth of online shopping, weaker economy, mall security, rising transport costs and the ever busier schedules of the working consumer, all contribute to a disengaged consumer. The retail landscape needs to learn how to adapt and excite consumers in order to keep up with these changes.

The retail environments that encourage the most customer engagement are those that are themselves engaging. The sensory experience and the sense of community the world of traditional retail has to offer is most valuable when engaging with consumers.

Through this need for human contact we have seen some dynamic and exciting adaptations that can reignite the consumers’ interest in traditional retail environment. All it takes is one retailer to do something different and creative and the rest will follow, resulting in a renewed interest in the retail experience which can also act as an accelerant for the economy.

The biggest part of the retail experience is of course the actual store interior itself, but often overlooked are pop-ups and kiosks as well as visual merchandising displays. Every aspect of these different elements, when from the same brand, need to work together to complement each other, to create a cohesive message and impression on the consumer.

“Unconventional Retail” is the term the team at Whaam Concepts likes to apply to these creative applications that help to invigorate the retail experience. As a company we have chosen to focus on exploring existing applications, refining tired methods and imagining new possibilities. “When people engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen…” Whaam Concepts is a face-to-face brand engagement design firm that believes in the power of human relationships. We specialise in the Strategy, Design and Actualisation of unique face-2-face marketing campaigns and unconventional retail applications to enhance brand and consumer relationships.

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