Communicating Company Culture

April 11, 2017

“People are the foundation of any culture and there is power in relationships formed from shared values, beliefs and experiences.”

Who are you as a company? Why do you do what you do? You may have the answers to these questions, but does your team? Your partners?

As a business leader it is up to you to make sure that the identifiable characteristics of your company shine through them to your clients, suppliers, and partners. Your culture should be evident externally through the way you speak to customers, the way you answer your phone, the greeting and sign off of your emails and through your social media platforms. Your culture should also be evident internally in the way you interact with your team, your office design, the tone of your internal meetings and the way you celebrate attained targets.

The pillars of Whaam company culture are people, purpose, passion and promise.

People are the foundation of any culture and there is power in relationships formed form shared values, beliefs and experiences.

Make sure your team consists of people that connect with those values.

When enforcing a business culture, it is essential to be crystal clear on your purpose; your “Why”. The answer to that question “Why” encourages people to associate themselves with you. Whaam Concepts know exactly why we do what we do, it is a mantra, we approach every prospective client with it, we begin every project with it in mind, and we live it each day in our own work space:
When we engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen...’

Whaam is driven to achieve great things by connecting brands to their audience with our unique, creative designs, which have at their core a focus on people and meaningful interactions between them.

Passion must be fostered in your interactions with your team, they look to you for motivation, for guidance, and to reaffirm the company’s values.  Incorporating traditions within your company make sure the torch that displays your heart burns bright and full.  At Whaam, each team member chooses a super-alter ego, for themselves, whom they can call upon when they need to believe that they can overcome an obstacle before them and achieve great things. We also vote for an outstanding member each month who is awarded Superhero of the Month and each member believes and participates in the open-door policy.

Introducing your team to your culture is not enough, routines like this make them feel included and accepted, this way they carry the brand forward with them, into all their external dealings as ambassadors for the that culture.

Once your house is in order it’s time to introduce your family to the world. As a service provider, whatever that service turns out to be, you promise all those who do business with you a heartfelt, professional and unique experience. A true understanding of the brand whose message you are helping to communicate, an imaginative strategy create an unconventional environment in which their audience can interact and connect, and a meticulous plan to execute and actualize that vision. Through all of which your company culture will be present, like a subtle watermark, it will not be the focus of the project but it’s richness and value will visible at closer glance. It is the personality traits with which your business communicates and it is the magnet that attracts people towards creating and maintaining relationships with you.

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