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February 15, 2017

“You want your brand to be, not just a product, but an identity”

Think of a very close friend. When you hear their name you automatically think of the most outstanding quality they have: loyal, wise, always smiling. When taking your brand to the people you want that same sort of association. Just like if someone says “Herbex” you immediately think: “natural, health and weight-loss”.

You want your brand to be, not just a product, but an identity, you want your consumers to have a clear picture of your image, if your brand was a person, of who that person really is.  When communicating your brand think of everything that makes a person, your heart, your brain and your body – when presenting your brand to the world these can be translated to consistency, creativity and flexibility.  Your heart, the core of who you are, must always remain consistent.

This will be the reason that people keep coming back to your brand, some consumers won’t even be able to put it into words, they’ll just know that you have that little something that they feel connected to. You, however, have to know exactly what that is, your “why”, and it must be a constant through line, a golden thread tying all of your communications and interactions together.

The reason your brand is who it is does not necessarily have to be in a catchphrase at the bottom of each advertisement, it needn’t be put into so many words, it must be a message that shines through everything you do, from your company letterhead and office layout and furniture, through to any activations or exhibitions you might do and of course in all your broadcast and social media. Seeing this consistency will cement in a consumer’s mind even more confidence in the brand and its heart.

Next, creativity. Your brain is the decision maker, and with regards to your brand every choice you make must be a creative one. Each campaign must be more unique than the last. No matter how pure of heart you are, yes, your audience will always see your true message shine through, but they can lose interest if they feel that you are not making an effort to engage with them.  At the end of the day we are all searching for connection, and no matter how wise your wise friend is, if they don’t pick up that phone and reach out, it is very possible that the relationship could stagnate. The service provider weFix has integrated the importance of a human touch right into their company culture and customers see and feel this though interaction with the brand; this leads to the building personal relationships between themselves and their clients.

Once your customers feel truly connected to your brand and a feeling of loyalty has been established, it is important to keep that following while simultaneously increasing your reach. There are various ways of activating your brand to encourage interaction, such as using your brand integrations to tell a story and begin a journey of discovery and development. So long as you keep your consistency / heart in mind, you will see that no matter what creative journeys that your brain leads you on the core values of your brand will always be truly represented. And of course to endure that journey you need a strong, flexible body.

Flexibility is so important, because as times change, you need to change with it. The way people communicate with each other, trends in transport and consumption, all require your vigilant attention. Being dynamic doesn’t mean losing your heart, or ignoring you brain – remember our most ancient and basic survival instinct is fight or flight, no heart or brain involved in that, just run, or battle. Of course as a brand you don’t want to be merely surviving, but strength and adaptability are traits not be sneezed at. Realistically speaking competition is everywhere and in everything you do your consistency and creativity are at the forefront but carrying all that weight is the body that you have conditioned to withstand any obstacle, your ability to bob and weave past any opponent. Your brand has so much more potential to achieve great things reach if you keep an ear to the ground, anticipate any changes and get out in front of new and emerging platforms.

Whaam Concepts believes in the engagement opportunities that arise through complete brand communication, whether it is translated through a full retail revamp or a brand-condensed exhibition display. Whaam will go out of their way to ensure that the messages you wish to convey through your brand will be communicated across its display platforms. Whaam is ready to take your brand on a journey; heart, mind and body.

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