Pt 1

April 03, 2018

“When we engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen”

That’s our motto. But what does it mean? Whaam Concepts is a Business Service. We want companies with powerful brand messages to use us to create stronger bonds between themselves and the people who they want to hear that message.

Whaam is not a traditional company. Our culture, our industry and our philosophy are unique to us. But at our core we are all about engagement, so we have to translate our “Whaam-Speak” into a message that everyone can understand, by calling our What We Do our “Products”.

We have three products, named in a very distinct way. Understand these terms, and why they are structured the way they are, and you can understand exactly what we can do what for you. They are: face-to-face marketing structures (discussed below), unconventional retail environments (discussed in Pt 2), and unique commercial interiors (discussed in Pt 3).

Each three-word term is structured in a specific way. Each explains the What, Where, and How – or as we call it, Attitude, Industry and Application.

Face-To-Face Marketing Structures

The What: Face-To-Face. Whaam approaches everything we do with an attitude of engagement. The truest and deepest connections form and set when people look each other in the eye.

What can we do for you? Bring your audience Face-To-Face with your brand.

The Where: Marketing. The industry we work in. Marketing is all about anticipating and then providing for the needs, wants and demands of the consumer. We create a setting where you can show your customers that you have exactly what they need.

Where do we work for you? In the Marketing atmosphere, directly between you and your customer.






The How: Structures. How do we make sure the What and the Where have a valuable real-world application? We build physical things. Environments for them to live in. These environments also have an emotional component – built into the environment is a meaningful experience.

How do we work for you? We build a Structure in which engagement can take place.

When you think of the idea behind these three words: Face-To-Face Marketing Structures, the term as a whole must mean something to you. It’s easy to make sense of the term when you have physical examples that embody that term. Products like Exhibition Stands, Pop-Up Retail and Brand Activations are examples of Face-To-Face Marketing Structures.

As the custodian of your brand’s identity, you must choose one or all of these methods to communicate your brand’s core message and philosophy to your audience. We elevate this by making the experience engaging and memorable for the consumer. We make it beautiful, we make it cool, we make it to WOW them.

Face-To-Face Marketing structures are a glimpse into what your brand is all about. They must activate interest in the audience, inspire them to seek out your brand in other avenues – like the more permanent retail avenue –  or even inspire them to become a part of the team that makes the brand and find a place in the commercial environment.

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