Pt 2

“When we engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen”

That’s our motto. But what does it mean? Whaam Concepts is a business service. If you are a business, you are a brand, and every brand has a message.


Our service to businesses is helping them communicate their message with the ultimate goal of creating lasting bonds between that brand and their consumers. We believe the setting in which brands and their consumer engage in is the key to this.

These settings or Environments we create are our products and they have very distinct names. Think of how you everyone knows exactly what you are referring to when you say “S-class” without even having to say the manufacturer’s name.

We, too, name our products in a specific way. Understand the structure of our product names, and you can understand exactly what we can do what for you.

Our products are: face-to-face marketing structures (discussed in Pt 1), unconventional retail environments (discussed below), and unique commercial interiors (discussed in Pt 3). Each is a three-word term, structured in a specific way to explain the What, Where, and How of the product, or the Attitude, Industry and Application.

Unconventional Retail Environments

The What: Unconventional. People are inspired by the unconventional. A beautiful restaurant with good company puts anyone at ease, here connections and long-lasting bonds easier to make. The situation that anyone has the strongest emotional connection to, is an unconventional one.

What can we do for you? Attach everything positive associated with the Unconventional to your brand.

The Where: Retail. The industry to which this product is applicable. The retail experience should be about more than just picking up a product and purchasing it. We strive to give the consumer an experience, so they will find value in interacting with your brand and form an emotional connection that only grows stronger every time they enter your retail space.

Where do we work for you? The Retail space created specifically for your brand.

The How: Environments. We design and manufacture the Environment that we believe will give your audience the most valuable retail experience, which will in-turn communicate your message, which will lead to lasting brand loyalty – the customer will keep coming back for more.

How do we work for you? We translate the unconventionality of your brand into a physical retail Environment.

If you have an entire store for your brand we design and build the retail interior for the most engaging experience, complete with Visual Merchandise Displays – literal pedestals to put your products on so that customers can adore them. If you share a space with other brands, a Kiosk or Shop-In-Shop unit would be best fit your needs.

In the story that we are telling your brand must be the Hero. Every aspect of the retail environment must glorify what you have to offer because your audience needs what you have.  The fit-out we do for your brand’s retail environment must stir emotions in your consumer, and make them feel like you are saving their day.

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