Pt 3

May 28, 2018

“When we engage in unique and unconventional environments, great things can happen”

That’s our motto. But what does it mean? Whaam Concepts is a business service. We are a team of SuperHeroes, with specific Super-Powers, uniquely able to save your day.


The service we provide is a specialized one. Our passions are people, engagement, and environments (as our philosophy states). We use that philosophy to guide all we do, and will translate the core message of your brand into one or more, or all of our three Products.

We have three products: face-to-face marketing structures (discussed in Pt 1), unconventional retail environments (discussed in Pt 2), and unique commercial interiors (discussed below). Each is a three-word term, structured in a specific way to explain the What, Where, and How of the product.

This way the term is not just the name of the product, but a combination of the Attitude, Industry and Application – which when put together serve as a term that fully and thoroughly describes the product and its purpose.

Unique Commercial Interiors

The What: Unique. In the human experience, so much of what we do is repetition. In fact, when raising children or living healthily a routine is key (consider bedtimes, or regular diet and exercise), but there are situations when you need a disruption from the norm, and you want your brand and your message to be associated with this welcomed break-away from monotony.


What can we do for you? We make sure Unique is a term strictly and strongly tethered to your brand image.

The Where: Commercial. This time we are working behind the scenes. Before your message reaches consumers, your staff, your people, must build it. The same message that moves the consumer must also move the people that work behind the brand, from the everyday worker to the highest executive; you want your people to live your brand’s message.

Where do work for you? In your own Commercial space – your office environment where your people work meticulously to shape and mould your message – the very place your brand is born.

The How: Interiors. The workplace is where most of our time is spent, if you want consumers to be excited about your brand, your team must be excited and a sure way to energize them is to make sure their work-place is exciting and inspires them build the best brand that they can.

How do we work for you? We customize the Interior workplace to make sure your team is in constant engagement with a motivating and stimulating space.

We take our creative ability and apply it to where brands and their people work. Creating that same inspiration felt by a consumer for brands, between brands and the people who work for them. Office interiors, spatial layouts, and custom furniture that speaks the language of the brand will connect those brands directly with their people so those people experience that same emotion in the work environment and the consumer will in the Face-To-Face Marketing Structure or the Unconventional Retail Environment.

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