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June 25, 2018



When recruiting members for the SuperTeam Whaam Concepts wants to make sure we choose people who are in touch with their inner hero. We ask all our team members to choose a comic book superhero that represents their best qualities and illustrates what then can contribute to make the entire team stronger. Usually people describe themselves in terms of objects, plants or animals and this helps to give a much deeper insight into who they are and what makes them tick. We believe the same can be done by choosing a Super Hero.

Since we go through this process for every person on the team of course we must do the same for our organization itself. When you have a non-living entity like a business, in order to communicate the business culture, it makes sense to give it human qualities

At Whaam Concepts we are adamant that we work – in whatever we do – from the inside out. If we want our business to branch out and reach people, like a real person, we must have the personality to do so, and we must know that personality inside out. Our business personality is compound, it draws from the most unique and unconventional of human personality traits. Like everyone in the Whaam team, our Brand Personalities have Super Hero alter-egos as well.

When communicating your brand think of a person who you want to model your vision and values after. Everything that makes a person who they are, every aspect of their personality, how they conduct themselves in certain situations can all be translated to YOUR brand personality. Just because you are a brand does not mean you cannot embody the characteristics that are admirable in any human being, as well perfectly communicate your brand message. Are you a trusted confidant, or an adventurous friend? Are you crisp and clean or fluid and smooth? Is your font strong and bold, or delicate and italic? All of these characteristics must be concrete in your mind to be successful in your brand development.


The first question Whaam Concepts asks any potential new team member is: “If you were a Super Hero who would you be?”

This question is meant to inspire us to tap into our inner superpowers. To recognise our greatest strength and acknowledge and overcome our flaws. To be a complete team we need all types of heroes with all types of abilities on our squad, so that whatever you, our client, needs we can deliver.

We have a philosophy of THREES. Our Logo has three dots, the ellipses, to illustrate that our story always continues. All of our service offerings have three sub-categories, to make sure you know we are capable of doing this, that AND the other for you. So, to remain consistent we have chosen three brand personalities. You can know all about what we do and what we can do for you, but it is always important to know who we are. No matter which person in our organization you are interacting with, they will each exude the qualities of the Whaam Concepts spirit.

We have selected three characters from the Marvel Comic Book Universe that we believe embody the traits that are essential to the way we conduct ourselves as a Super Team and our business as Brand Engagement Architects. We are The Passionate Creative, The Innovative Underdog and The Engaging Communicator represented by The Scarlett Witch, Luke Cage and Professor Charles Xavier.


We are a Passionate Creative – the Scarlett Witch. There is a place in the world for every type of thinker, at Whaam Concepts we embrace the whimsy of the creative mind and encourage even those who don’t necessarily consider themselves as such to dig deep and find those artistic inclinations. We also do not take our chief objective lightly. Yes, imagination fuels us, but it is far from child’s play. We are obsessive about pushing creative boundaries in our field and take this role just as seriously as any analyst or scientist would.

That’s why the character of The Scarlett Witch fits this Brand Personality so aptly. She has reality defining powers. Her abilities involve bending the world around her to her will. Just like her, we see the world as opportunity at our fingertips. We are compelled to disrupt the reality around us with fierce inspiration. An unconditional free spirit, we approach every situation with fierce inspiration. We mould cosmic probability to create a universe of our own imagining.  As a creative company first, we take the mere idea and thoughts of our clients and turn them into concrete structures, that you can touch and be inspired by.

We are an Innovative Underdog – Luke Cage. When you enter an established industry you are automatically classified as the underdog. This does not mean that you are any less capable, or that your work will fall short on quality – it is merely popularity, and name recognition. No one bets on the underdog to win, because they don’t yet know such a person can do.

Luke Cage is the representative for this Brand Personality. He received his super powers late in life, and at first, he wanted to keep a low profile. He did not want to use his abilities, but when his community needed him, he couldn’t stay in the shadows. No one believed in him because what he was up against seemed so daunting, with deep roots and a wide reach – and Luke was all alone with new abilities that he himself was just trying to figure out.

When you are the new kid situations where the odds seem against you is where you live. But we have to be pioneers and invent new ways to rise to the challenges presented to us. We have to dig deep into ourselves to make sure we give our all to succeed. Just like Luke Cage, Whaam Concepts sees the status quo as stagnant and archaic and we question it at every turn, determined to make changes that lead to progress. All the while we keep our head on straight and remain humble. Our industry is an old one, so to be the best we must approach it with the heart and mind of a team who is breaking new ground. We approach each project as if it is the first, with an unconventional approach that may raise eyebrows, but is sure to impress.

We are an Engaging Communicator – Professor Charles Xavier. Whaam Concepts design and manufacture unconventional spaces, whether in the form of an expo stand, retail design or experiential marketing, each environment has a story to tell. And if your audience relates to that story, they will find it easier to engage with that space and your brand, they will trust the products and services and they will keep coming back for more stories should they continue to be good ones.

The difference between a good story and a bad one is often the person telling the story. The story teller must know how to intrigue audiences with his creativity and pioneering attitude. This communicator must be passionate about relationships, have a real understanding of human emotions and know exactly how to navigate his audience’s ship over the sometimes rocky, sometimes calm emotional seas. He must be relatable, able to speak to people on their own level, make a sincere connection and a lasting bond. His door must always be open, and he must always approach every person and situation with honesty and commitment.

This Brand personality is evident in Professor Charles Xavier. He is the mentor for a team of Super Heroes not only because of his wisdom, compassion and vision, but because of the ability he has to engage with his audience and communicate all of his insights with them. Whether a mission is going as smooth as can be, or we encounter one, two, or a few obstacles, relaying all information in the clearest way possible is of immense importance.

We are Whaam Concepts. We create unique environments. We believe in the power of human connections. We will help you achieve great things. Call upon us, YOUR HEROES, to save your day.

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