Custom Exhibition Stands | Your Exhibition Stand Is Your Voice

July 11, 2018


Be sure not to lose your voice in the midst of all your other expo/trade show preparations.

Your custom exhibition stands speak the language of your company. It represents you, your brand, your message. To be heard a custom stand at any trade show or exhibition is a must.

Why do you exhibit? Because you know Face-to-Face Marketing is an essential component of your overall marketing strategy. But remember who you are marketing to. It is not “your audience”, “the consumer”, or “customers”; you are reaching out to PEOPLE. Flesh and blood and brains. They do not respond to “strategy” or “campaigns”, they respond to compassion, heart, and joy. Make an effort to invest in their experience and you will see a return on that investment.

Whaam Concepts are the architects of your brand’s engagement with its people, and custom exhibition stands are of key importance to that engagement.

Your stand is the way you show your people that you care about their experience and you want to create an engaging environment for them. You don’t just want them to buy whatever you are selling, you want them to know that they deserve the best and that you can give the best to them. Like any human relationship, by being the best version of yourself, putting effort into your appearance and the way you carry yourself, you are announcing your interest that relationship. Similarly, the work you put into your custom exhibition stand shows your people that you truly care about them. They will acknowledge the lengths you went to in order to impress them, and their loyalty to you will strengthen, this is your reward – your return on investment / ROI.

The benefits of custom exhibition stands are far-reaching. It starts with taking pride in the way you present yourself to the world and continues through to lasting relationships with your people.

So, where do you begin? Easy, you’ve already begun. You already have a voice, and a message and an identity. You already know what you need. As for what you want, you take a page from the book of other successes or you can forge your own path, create your own trends. You decide what is best for your brand, you approach Whaam’s talented team of designers and we translate all of your information into unique and engaging custom exhibition stands.

There is so much fun to be had when creating a physical structure to represent your voice at exhibitions and tradeshows. Integrating your products, some sort of digital or technological component, add social media, or good ol’ fashioned human-to-human interface, a game or a competition. Your people will be more excited and more likely to participate in any of your efforts that extend beyond your stand IF your stand draws them in and leaves an impression on them to begin with.  Beautiful things never fail to inspire, and getting a “WOW” as a response to your custom exhibition stands is the first step on the road to a lasting and fruitful relationship. That ininitial positive reactions opened up the door for brands Hilton, Ruckus and SD direct to really connect and engage with visitors to their stands.

Also, it just feels good. Superheroes have alter-egos for many different reasons, but when it comes time to put on that Super-Suit, it is something very special. Custom exhibition stands are your brand putting on its Super-Suit. It makes you feel powerful and confident, ready to defend your honour to anyone. Because when you fiercely fight for your name, by speaking in your true voice and donning your armour with pride, your people will match that ferocity, follow you onward, and keep coming back for more.

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