Benefits of Experiential Marketing

November 28, 2018



Experiential Marketing is uncharted territory for most, but don’t let the unknown discourage you. The colours, location, and theme of your experience will build lasting relationships with loyal customers, and this thought of connecting to people who believe in your brand should be enough to ignite the fire in you and inspire you to embark on this exciting journey. It really is a unique opportunity to let the personality of your brand shine through by presenting who you are in an unexpected way. Lot’s of companies get hung up on what they do. If they sell a produce their marketing activities revolve around retail. But this is the time to look inward, forget what you do, tap into who you are and why you do what you do.

As a team of Heroes our mission is to create unique and engaging environments where great things can happen. We understand the importance of a brand identity and will integrate your voice into an unconventional design that will not only speak to your audience, but broadcast your brand message, the core of who you are, far and wide.

There are numerous methods of Experiential Marketing that you can apply to your brand’s engagement strategy. Most will fall under the umbrella of Face To Face Marketing Experiences – something that Whaam Concepts are experts in. The industry with deep roots that continues to prosper – the Exhibition Industry is one of our specialities, with many clients trusting as with their tradeshow booths and exhibition stands. These events are more than just networking opportunities, they are the perfect cornerstone to build the marketing of your brand identity on.

There is the wonderful worlds of pop-up retail and brand activations. Yes, they are common, but that’s because they work. At Whaam Concepts we are averse to the mediocre, but we also strive to always achieve the best results. So instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, or blindly following trends that others have pioneered we take the best of both worlds and forge a new, better approach. You can have a lot of fun with pop-ups and activations – no matter the type of company you are, think of your core brand personality and let that guide the experience that you create for the public.



Let’s explore two types of experiential marketing and what they actually mean. Firstly, Pop-Up Shops. These are specifically a retail experience, a temporary retail experience to be exact. They appear suddenly and only, for a limited period of time. Sometimes they are seasonal, so Christmas decorations or winter accessories, other times it is the case of taking advantage of an opening. For example, if a store chooses to vacate its spot in a mall it will be beneficial for a different brand to take up that spot briefly. This way the mall will earn rent for this time, and the brand can test the waters, experimenting with their approach to a retail space, gathering data about the market and their target audience, with no obligation to stay in that spot permanently, should things not work out.

Now, Brand Activations do sound like the could be a very similar type of experience.

The difference between Pop-Up Shops and Brand Activations, is that an Activation will not always offer items for purchase, so the Activation is a Pop-Up without the shop. For brands with corporate identity that fits these activities, the activations will often include giveaways and prizes sometimes of goodies inscribed with the brand logo or brand name. Other fun activities to get people excited about the brand can include photo opportunities with social tags, oversized picture frames, or a photo booth with props. Any furniture, or props such as umbrellas, towels, blankets and the like are always heavily branded, for the pure purpose of making the organization seen.


The intention of both Pop-Ups and Activations is to engage with the lovers of the brand, to stir up enthusiasm in new and potential clients and build those lasting bonds of trust in the product and loyalty to the organization – they just go about this objective in different ways. Since both are temporary, they will have that “hurry or you’ll miss it” energy that really does invigorates people. But try not to let the established practices of any Experiential Marketing activities distract you.

Whaam are passionate about brands. We want to make sure that everything you do speaks your brand language. Yes, certain methods of Experiential Marketing are proven and popular, but for your efforts to really yield results they must make an impact. The people who you invite to share these experiences with you must know that your brand is extending a genuine hand out to them and not just copying and pasting something that worked for some other organization. So, we try to discourage brands from just simply adapting who they are to what is usually done. Instead, we examine all the possibilities and work to make all the options out there work for you, by re-imagining what was done in the past to shape your brand’s future.



Pop-up shops and brand activations are just two ways to get your brand seen and heard. On first inspection is sometimes difficult to differentiate between Experiential Marketing methods like the pop-up shops and brand activations. Both can be in a structured setting, like a mall, or more informal, like a park or outdoor plaza. A pop-up shop can sometimes do Brand Activation activities, as well as offer products on sale – and a Brand Activation does “pop-up” suddenly for a limited time. Each has their own moving parts, protocols, do’s and don’ts and methods of execution which can be challenging to navigate if you don’t have the right team on your side.

But there is always room to bend the rules, especially if it means using the experience to more clearly communicate your brand message. In order for the public to come to trust your brand and whatever it is that you offer, be it a product, service or an idea on how to change the world, they have to know you. They have to know your personality, who you identify as, your core message and of course why you do what you do. This pride and confidence must come from the inside. If your brand ambassadors exude the values that your brand does, then during your Experiential Marketing activities those feelings and that message will be contagious. It will permeate the hearts of the people and bond them to you for as long as your brand continues to keep the promises it has made to continue to deliver the quality products, services and ideas.

Your mission as a brand is to change hearts and minds. To get the public on your side so that they not only commit to the lifestyle that is your brand, but become ambassadors themselves, sharing their experience with others they trust. So that lovers of your brand not only immerse their own lives in the world of your brand but recruit others to do the same. Our mission is to help you do that.

Whaam Concepts design and manufacture unconventional environments for engaging Experiential Marketing, including custom Pop-Up Shops and Brand Activations tailored to your brand. The SuperTeam has creativity, integrity and a personal touch. We are standing by to help you take the message of your brand out to the people. For you to make the best impression, build that brand loyalty and get people excited about who you are, call upon Whaam Concepts – we will surely save your day.

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