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August 14, 2019



Time spent at work is often equal to or more than time spent at home, so it’s only natural that we put the interior design methods that make our homes so comfortable and inviting to use the same way in the workplace. Gone are the days of an employee trudging to a drab and dreary office. The environment that houses a brand and its operations has to exude the personality of that brand as well as inspire all who work there to be the best version of themselves and achieve great things.

In our world today a company must know the importance of and strive to create stronger human connections. The environment that is at the heart of your operations, your HQ, must cultivate the culture of your brand. There is a drive towards using interior design effectively to create a space where your team feel like they are more than just employees. The call to serve the brand must surround them and they proudly accept the duty of being ambassadors of your brand.

To succeed as a business your brand message must shine through everything you do. You must know what your brand represents, its heart – the why. You must define in concrete terms how the methods you use separate you from the rest of the competition – the how. And you must make sure that your brand ambassadors know the benefits that your community will enjoy by offering what it is that your brand offers – the what. To make sure that your brand ambassadors embody your vision and values and give their best at spreading your brand message it is in the best interests of any organisation to make sure the environment from which those ambassadors spread that message is itself speaking the language of the brand. Using engaging interior design to make sure the space communicates the brand message will go a long way to help the brand ambassadors communicate that same message.

Of course, when you’re in a workplace environment your chief concern is productivity. All brand ambassadors have responsibilities. Some rely on other departments so teamwork is needed, and yet other goals can be achieved by working in solitude. There are often a set number of tasks and specific deadlines and time constraints that one has to work within. This can lead to stress and tension so in addition to creating an environment where your brand ambassadors can reach maximum efficiency you cannot underestimate the importance of providing simple pleasures that will ease that tension and give them that much needed boost to power through their workload and ultimately uplift the brand by doing the best they can at their duties.


The office of the future is more about co-working meeting place than a stagnant desk environment. In businesses there are different departments that have different needs. set up for the team that work in each department. Because there are different goals within a business and many ways to achieve those goals, so it is important to have many different kinds of spaces in the workplace environment and using the methodologies, ideas and practices of interior design to your advantage will be conducive to achieving these goals. Also, working with Brand Engagement Architects such as Whaam Concepts to come up with custom office design for your brand is a further step to success for your business.

For solo work a private nook is needed. This area, perfect for intense individual brain storming or working through a very tough problem, must be a quiet sanctuary away from everyone else as well as a safe place to make a lot of noise if needed. Some people find real benefit from blasting a certain type of music to get the creative juices flowing, so it would do the company well to have this type of sanctuary well away from the main workspaces, to make sure it does not disturb the workflow of others. Perhaps even consider sound proofing. It should be furnished with a serious working station, as well as a large whiteboard, or similar, for jotting down ideas and thought-provoking seating. The furniture should not be too comfortable, because occupants should still be vigilant, the softer furniture will be reserved for rooms that have the sole purpose of rest. This area should have a three-person maximum occupancy because even though it will often only be used by one person, enough space to move around, pace, and work off some of that restless energy that often comes with coming up with ideas is needed.

For tasks that need the input of small micro teams make use of work pods. Setting work stations up in such a way that when the team sits down at them, all members of the team will be facing each other. This creates an atmosphere of collaboration where each team member feels reassured that they can contribute to the project on the same level as all the others. This interior design decision also fosters accountability, creating a safe space where each member of the team can feel encouraged and will be able to take responsibility for a section of the project knowing that the rest of their team supports them.

To create open dynamic spaces for higher levels of productivity turn to your Custom Brand Builders for a custom boardroom design. Usually the intellectual head of your workplace where all the big ideas are formed make your boardroom the physical head as well. Position this space in such a way that everyone who looks up can see it. Use bold choices and take some interior design chances. Let the loudest parts of your brand personality shine through in this space. It must be a large space where the whole team can gather family style for presentations, lectures and the major bran storming sessions, the type that can change the whole direction of a project or maybe even the company itself.


Every business can benefit from an increase performance, but the methods that many organisations use to achieve this can sometimes be misguided.  Introducing home comforts to compensate the amount of time spent in the office and not at home is one path that few choose but will have far reaching advantages.

Brand ambassadors that are happy and healthy will do their best and give their all. When making your interior design decisions remember that the bellies of those who are dedicating their time to spreading your brand message can be a distraction if not taken care of. Well stocked kitchens along with regular deliveries of healthy as well as decadent snacks keep team members fuelled and focussed. Also consider making a cosy corner to relax in available. Where some may see a dedicated space to unwind in when the workday gets too overwhelming others will celebrate the addition of a recharge room where a second wind of energy can be gathered to continue to conquer the day. Including napping rooms with ample comfortable furniture to sink into as well as casual lounges for social interactions is becoming part of the modern workspace interior design.

Branding has also become more integral. Your company brand name and logo as well colours patterns that speak to the brand message are always welcome in the office and workplace environment. This will no doubt boost morale and remind all brand ambassadors to believe in the brand that they are working so hard for every day. When anyone walks into your space, they must immediately know who inhabits that space and what you stand for.

Immersing our clients in the design experience is what Whaam Concepts is all about. As Brand Engagement Designers it is our duty and our passion to guide you, as a brand, on your journey through engaging with your audience in unique and unconventional ways. That, of course, starts at your head offices with those that are more than your employees, but your brand ambassadors. The people that believe in your brand message so much they dedicate their time to making sure this message reaches all corners of the globe. So, it is only fitting that you ensure the environment that these people work in communicates to them that are valuable to you. Give them spaces where they can do their best whether working alone, in a small group or a large group. Encourage them to take care of their health and wellbeing by providing areas to relax and recharge as well as nourish their bodies with delicious and nutritious food. When a brand ambassador steps foot into a unique commercial interior designed and manufactured by Whaam Concepts to the particular specifications of your brand, they’ll surely be inspired to achieve great things.

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