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We specialize in designing these three key spaces for digital consumer engagement…

Creative Brand Development


You have a product or a service that you know will change the world! Now what? Whaam Concepts are Brand Engagement Architects – that means we are passionate about making sure people get to know your brand,  but you first have to know yourself. We help you design a who your brand is– from choosing a company name that’s right for you and offer support with all the legalities that come with it. We guide you in forming your corporate identity – your vision, mission and messaging and setting up your digital presence. That means help with the set-up all your social media platforms, website hosting included, as well as your tone, style and content for those accounts.

Engaging Content Production


Once your online identity is fully formed, we need your audience to get to know you so we need content that speaks to your unique brand personality. Be it podcasts, video or webinars, we guide you in this content production by offering expertise in photography, videography and video editing. We help you decide the medium that is right for your brand be it electronic newsletter, blogging, or traditional print and assist you in the copywriting for those outlets as well as your social media posts. We also have a creative powerhouse of a graphic design team that create everything you need for your CI from logos, to email signatures, digital art for your online presence and even stationary and letterheads. Everything you need to create your own brand language.

Multi-Channel Digital Management


In order to make an impression you need a Custom Brand Builders dedicated carrying out your brand strategy. Whaam Concepts is proud to offer consultation and alignment services where we define your target market and even draw up a content release schedule. We assist with SEO analytics and reporting as well as help you manage your paid media spend. We give guidance when it comes to online community management because we know that insights, rules of engagement and public relations protocols are vital for your brand messaging and need to run like a well oiled machine to make sure your digital identity integrates seamlessly with your overall brand personality.

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