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We facilitate your personal brand interactions with your audience in three different ways:

Exhibition Stands

Attending tradeshows are a vital way of communicating who you are. Your audience get to interact with people who can personally communicate you brand’s message and this strengthens bonds. To generate interest, a brand must stand out. Your stand is the first thing a potential client will see, your first impression must be lasting, and the way to make an impact is with a custom stand, designed, with your brand’s core message in mind, by Whaam Concepts. Though based in Cape Town, we design and manage the construction of custom stands for the most popular expos and tradeshows throughout the country.

Pop-Up Retail

There are so many benefits to pop-up shops. If you sell online it provides much needed face-to-face interactions. Even the largest brands make use of this strategy to test out new products or rouse interest and create a sense of urgency as the pop-up might disappear at any time. It is important that the translation of your business into a temporary retail experience be handled by a team like Whaam, who can understand what the best parts of your brand are, and showcase it; as well as being committed to introducing fresh new ideas to your brand so as to ensure a smooth transition and invite a whole new client base into the experience as well.

Brand Activations

As the term suggests this strategy is guaranteed to inject energy into your brand’s image. Activations are all about movement, and interaction. Audience get to see, feel and play. Whaam will design an engaging experience that will surely inspire your audience and give new meaning to the relationship they have with you, while improving how you communicate with them.

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