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We customize these three essential areas to create fluid engagement between brands and people…

Face-To-Face Marketing Experiences


Being Face-To-Face is a basic human need! We are social creatures and interacting with each other is something that we cannot live without. Luckily there are so many ways we can do that, and Whaam Concepts is passionate about make sure that the environments those interactions happen in are unique and engaging. We design and manufacture custom exhibitions stands so that brands need to get down to some serious networking at nationwide tradeshows. We create pop-up retail experiences where brands can give audience a temporary taste of what they have to offer, so that they keep coming back for more. We use our expertise as Brand Engagement Architects to make interactive brand activations that inject energy and movement into your brand and inspire interaction between you and your people.

Unconvetional Retail Environments


What entices a shopper to engage with your brand over the rest? At Whaam Concepts it is our mission to make sure that your retail interiors transport people into a space personalised with your brand identity. The design, and execution of which is commonly referred to as shopfitting. But Whaam Concepts are more than just shopfitters. We are your personal Brand Engagement Architects. To separate your brand from the competitors sharing your space we also design for you unconventional mall kiosks and unique shop in shop units. Whaam has vital experience in visual merchandising displays that tell a story to your consumer and really open their eyes to what your core message is, bringing them closer to you and making certain that they have meaningful engagement with your brand and your products.

Unique Commercial Interiors


An office is more than just where your employees spend their days Every soul in that building is an ambassador for your brand message. It is the heart of your brand. That message reaches far and wide but when followed back to its source, that environment too, must be unmistakably you. That’s why, as Custom Brand Builders, Whaam Concepts believes in the importance of office interiors that are be a beacon of the brand, reminding all who walk through the doors of the core brand identity. Speak to everyone who walks through your doors in that unique brand voice through custom furniture built specifically with your message in mind. We also advise on the flow of the environment and the overall spatial layout.

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