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The Whaam Concepts team aimed to capture the spirit, pride, consistency, of a premium and tough brand that is Under Armour with this mobile trailer unit that will be used for national activations.


Our relationship with Under Armour started over a year ago. We created visual merchandising displays for them on two separate occasions – one for their offices and one for popular sports merchandise store, Total Sports. But, last October the team approached us for a bigger and more exciting project! At Whaam Concepts we love growing with our clients, as our relationship grows so do the size of the projects we embark on together.

We were super excited to be their partner on the trailer-kit-out as this type of project is the exact definition of the Whaam ethos: when we engage in unique and unconventional environments great things can happen”. We get to create a unique environment for this brand to spread their message to their loyal customer base as well as provide an opportunity to purchase some cool gear.

The unit was designed keeping in line with the Under Armour International guidelines where every aspect of the brand’s story carries the voice, vision and precision of the brand. When you step foot into the Under Armour Trailer, the Under Armour story surrounds you.




We made use of fabric graphics to attract the consumer to the brand through iconic, passionate and emotional imagery that tell stories and express what the under armour brand stands for.

Inside the trailer you will find the use of differently textured blacks, playing off of the prominent red heartbeat detailing and the use of Oregon pine. Movable ottomans provide comfortable seating for fitting on shoes, the fit and style of which can be checked in angled mirrors, housed in Oregon pine, which can also double up as storage. A larger storage cupboard is camouflaged as a black gloss wall with a large white Under Armour logo. There is also a sleek pay-point, locked into place during transport and free to be placed wherever required during and activation.

The main focus is the matte black powder coated display wall – easily adapted to the campaign showcased. The black enhances the imagery used but most importantly, does not fight for attention with the shoes displayed but rather enhances their quality and appearance.

The exterior of the trailer is made to mimic a military or armoured vehicle, and the rubber flooring and canopy allow for functionality on a rainy day. Just like an Under Armour garment is worn to protect and enhance the body in battle, the unit embodies this about the brand; it is able to withstand anything and able to defend itself from attack.

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