Unconventional Retail Environments

How We Save The Day

We specialize in designing these three key spaces for consumer engagement:

Retail Interiors

Shopping malls are the beaches of the city. But what entices a shopper to walk into your store over all the others calling to them as they walk down the mall corridors. The shopper must be transported into a space personalised with your brand identity, the design, and execution of which is commonly referred to as shopfitting. But Whaam Concepts are more than just shopfitters. We are your personal engagement architects, here to build you an interactive retail experience.

Kiosk and Shop-in-Shop

When an individual store is not an option, you must often share your space with brands who have similar products. This is when shop-in-shop and kiosk design is so important. Your brand must create an experience for the shopper totally separate from the competitors sharing your space. Whaam has vital experience and knowledge concerning, small space storage, and creative placement and presentation of products.

Merchandise Displays

What a privilege it is to have your very own retail space, to show the world just who you are as a brand, to communicate your message as perfectly as possible to ensure maximum consumer engagement. Don’t squander this gift. Let Whaam create for you visually interesting displays of special categories of products that tell a story to your consumer and really open their eyes as to what your core message is, bringing them closer to you and making certain that they have a meaningful engagement experience.

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