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We customize these three essential areas to create an effective and fluid work space:

Office Interiors

Efficiency for the sake of contributing the company bottom line is not always the only thing on an employee’s mind. Often they want to take pride in their tasks, and perform to the best of their abilities for their own peace of mind and self-actualization. This is much more likely to happen in a space that they feel comfortable in, as well as stimulates them creatively and intellectually. Office interiors must also be a beacon of the brand, reminding all who walk through the doors of the core message that the brand communicates whenever it engages with either clientele or staff.

Spatial Layouts

Each unique section of a corporate workplace, be it individual spaces, brainstorming and meeting spaces or social interaction spaces, must stimulate and motivate the team to reach their goals and to honour each other and the brand that they serve. Let Whaam organize these spaces, so that they have a natural feel and flow, and promote productivity and connection with colleagues as well as with audiences through the brand’s core message.

Custom Furniture

Your brand has a unique identity and voice. Let it speak to everyone who walks through your doors in that unique voice through furniture built specifically with your message in mind. Not only will staff appreciate the chic comfort, they will feel more connected to the company knowing that special attention was put into each piece of furniture they interact with in the workspace. Before a word is even said between people, let the custom furniture that Whaam designs and builds for you introduce your brand to potential clients, and welcome existing ones back in style.

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